Branding Consultant Opportunity

Brief for Rebranding the Tunbridge Wells Cultural & Learning Hub

The Cultural & Learning Hub (the Hub) is the working title for the redevelopment of Tunbridge Wells Museum, Library, Art Gallery, Adult Education, Tourist and Citizen Information.

Two iconic Tunbridge Wells buildings and five services are being brought together into one building and one service with one vision to guide its future.

This is an aspirational project with the Hub becoming a destination in its own right, both for the quality of the new building, its inspirational programming and world class collections of early photography, folk art and costume.

The Hub provides an opportunity to highlight previously unknown artists and collections which are significant in a national context. Folk art and the work of George Smart the Tailor of Frant, Henry Peach Robinson Victorian Fine art Photography, Tunbridge Ware, costume collection.

Our ambition is that the Hub will be recognised as a centre of excellence in Kent, specialising in high quality art and craft and a compliment to Turner Contemporary and the visual art focus in the East of the county.

To build on the exploratory work done to date, we are now seeking the support of a branding professional to review our vision and aspirations for the project alongside community and stakeholder expectations to produce a new name for the Tunbridge Wells Cultural & Learning Hub.

Brief for Rebranding the Tunbridge Wells Cultural & Learning Hub (PDF File - 243.6 KB)