Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Wycinanki: The Art of Polish Paper Cuts

Wycinanki: The Art of Polish Paper Cuts

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This exhibition, curated by Justyna Pyz, brings together examples of the Polish folk art, Wycinanki, from the collections of the Horniman Museum and Gardens. Perhaps modelled on traditional Jewish paper cuts, Wycinanki originated as an inexpensive means of decorating the homes of rural labourers. They were often made for religious festivals and family celebrations and feature bold and colourful symbolic designs.

The exhibition will show extraordinary paper cuts commissioned by the Horniman in 2010, including pieces by renowned artists such as Apolonia Nowak from the Kurpie region and Helena Miazek from Lowicz, together with contemporary responses from the Polish community of Tunbridge Wells.

For more information about the loans from the Horniman, visit their website: www.horniman.ac.uk