Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Small Tales

Small Tales

exhibition lead

Tall Tales, Tiny Tavern

28 April - 3 September 2016


In this exhibition a tall tale will unfold in a miniature world. The gallery space will present a new story from a small-scale realm, told through an installation of dolls' house furniture. The curators at the museum are working with a writer and artist to reimagine the large treasure trove of tiny furniture in the museum store. This will result in an exhibition showcasing a new written and visual narrative to be explored.

Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery are delighted to announce that artist Alec Stevens and writer Jo Kimber have been commissioned  to work collaboratively on the exhibition.  Alec and Jo will be reinterpreting the museum’s collection of dolls’ house furniture, developing new stories which will be presented in a gallery installation. The exhibition will open on Thursday 28 April 2016.

Want to keep up to date with the development of this show? Check out artist Alec Stevens' blog: