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Seasons of Change

The story of Fegans; the children’s charity

Deeply moved by the plight of destitute boys in London in the 1860s James Fegan set up a society to provide desperately needed housing and schooling. In 1870 he founded the charity that set up homes for children which bought shelter, care and hope to children and young people. His story and that of the children in his care became intertwined with the history of child migration from Britain to the Empire in the late 1800s and early 1900s, with many boys being sent to live in Canada. With this in mind, Fegan set up the Canada Training Farm in Goudhurst to help prepare the boys for their future lives in Canada and to enable them to learn new skills in agriculture. Today, the Fegans charity supports child wellbeing within the family and community, through counselling services, parent support, intervention and training.

This exhibition tells Fegans’ 148 year-long story through the historic archive held at the museum, individual narratives, oral histories and artist’s work.

9 February 2018 – 9 June 2018