Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Inspiration boxes

Inspiration Boxes

Free boxes including objects, articles and images, aimed at schools to get children writing.

What is inside?

Tunbridge Wells Museum, Library & Art Gallery have come together to create 10 different inspiration boxes full of interesting objects, articles, books and images that children can use as inspiration.

Where are they?

They are based at Tunbridge Wells Museum, Library & Art Gallery, you will need to call the museum to order your box. However they can be delivered to your local library anywhere in the Borough for you, where you can collect and drop-off.

How long can I loan a box for?

Each school can loan one box at a time, for 2 months.

Contact us to book now:

*Please note this offer is only available to schools in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. Funded as part of the development of the Tunbridge Wells Cultural & Learning Hub.