Learning outside the classroom contribute(s) significantly to raising standards and improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.

Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery offers many cross-curricular learning experiences designed to be educational, practical and fun. Session themes span the entire curriculum, not just history, and are lead by experienced museum educators capable of delivering to any age group.

Museum learning is about creating a real hands-on experience for learners (no matter what their age) and that is why all of our sessions are based on our real collection and most involve the chance to handle real objects and create real art. Sessions can be offered at the Museum or in your classroom – just check the information sheet below to see what is available.

The Museum & Art Gallery offers a series of ‘premade’ sessions, designed to work with the National Curriculum in as many ways as possible. However, these are by no means the only sessions available. Want something you don’t see? Ask, and it will either be designed for you, or found for you at one of our fellow museums. Your experience and needs come first, and the staff at Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery will work hard to ensure you get exactly what you want.

To make your trip planning easier, we have prepared Risk Assessments for a visit to the Museum or an Outreach session.

Want to know more?

Click on the links below to see and download information sheet for every premade session available, or contact us.

Primary Sessions

For more information about a school visit to the museum, download our Teacher's Pack (2016) (PDF File - %globals_asset_file_size_readable:9119101)

Secondary & Higher Education Sessions
  • Art Study half-day (PDF File - 105.4 KB)
  • Tunbridge Wells Home Front (History)
  • Georgian Fashion (Fashion & History)
  • Ask an Expert (Guest Speakers)
  • Limited Time Offer: Special Exhibition Session

For more information about a school visit to the museum, download our Teacher's Pack (PDF File - 528.1 KB)

Adult Learning
Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery has many opportunities for adult learners. We showcase our permanent collection and our temporary exhibitions with an ever-changing series of events, workshops and talks. Perfect for those learning on their own, or to be booked by a group or society looking for a more unique experience.

Please check the 'What's On' Section for future talks and workshops or contact the Museum to book a guided tour for your group.

All of our sessions are available free to schools within the Borough of Tunbridge Wells and for any school visiting the Museum & Art Gallery. Outreach is available outside of the Borough for a small fee.

To book, call: 01892 554171 or email: museum@tunbridgewells.gov.uk

Our shop has range of goodies linked to the collections and all of our offers and exhibitions – we recommend around £2 spending money per learner if you are so inclined. We can also make goodie bags up for groups in advance, just let us know how much you want to spend and we will do the rest.

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Schools Newsletter

Our schools newsletter is aimed at schools, for teachers and parents to read with children. It includes information about whats on in the museum over each season, this includes; family events, new exhibitions, new collections that are on display and any new learning programmes or offers available for schools and children.

Museum Schools Newsletter Summer Edition 2017 (PDF File - 1.7 MB)

If you would like to join our schools mailing list to receive our quarterly newsletter please email us.

Inspiration Boxes

Inspiration Boxes

Free boxes including objects, articles and images, aimed at schools to get children writing.

What is inside?

Tunbridge Wells Museum, Library & Art Gallery have come together to create 10 different inspiration boxes full of interesting objects, articles, books and images that children can use as inspiration.

Where are they?

They are based at Tunbridge Wells Museum, Library & Art Gallery, you will need to call the museum to order your box. However they can be delivered to your local library anywhere in the Borough for you, where you can collect and drop-off.

How long can I loan a box for?

Each school can loan one box at a time, for 2 months.

Contact us to book now:

*Please note this offer is only available to schools in the Borough of Tunbridge Wells. Funded as part of the development of the Tunbridge Wells Cultural & Learning Hub.

Learning at the Museum
Learning at the Museum
Learning at the Museum
Learning at the Museum
Learning at the Museum
Learning at the Museum