Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Unpacking and repacking

Unpacking and repacking

Unpacking and repacking

Wednesday 5 April 17

We have just had two great days of talking, discussing and working with new objects.  Charity shops are full of unwanted objects waiting for new owners, each ready to be found, reclaimed and possible re-purposed.

Unpacking and repacking

For us as artists, our curiosity is challenged and stimulated by the unwanted and what gets left over and/or left behind.

Where and on what do we place value? Why do objects fall out of favour with their owners?

A hierarchy is placed on materials and objects within institutions and within society.

A broad landscape of ideas were discussed, laid out and then disrupted, so as not to fall back on ready-made aesthetics.  This rigorous visual enquiry enabled us to unpack and repack the objects and to question how we think we see them and how we think we read and understand them.


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