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Tuesday 16 January 18

Bookbinder Tracey Rowledge and silversmith David Clarke’s Shelved is a new body of collaborative artwork developed during their 12 month residency 2016 – 2017 at Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery, Library and Adult Education Centre.

Funded by Arts Council England as part of the second development stage of the Cultural & Learning Hub in Tunbridge Wells, the artists spent much of their time foraging in the Museum collections and Library archives as well as discovering the town and its people.

Taking on the role of the curator themselves, Rowledge and Clarke gathered their own collection of objects purchased from local charity shops or donated by local businesses. Together they reconsidered each object, reworking them in different ways until they were ready for presentation in this new exhibition.

Shelved exhibition runs: 19 January – 22nd April 2018 and is on display in these locations: Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery Tunbridge Wells Library Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre The Dogs Trust Charity Shop An accompanying free guide features an essay by Louise Taylor, former director of the Crafts Council.


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