Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Quietly getting on

Quietly getting on

Quietly getting on

Friday 11 August 17

One year has flown by and as our journeys back and forth to Tunbridge Wells become less frequent, we find our focus shifting to work in progress. We are developing this by questioning and rigorously raking over our thoughts and responses to the work itself and to different locations and spaces within Tunbridge Wells Museum, Adult Education Centre and Library where we are considering showing the collaborative work.

All Change

It is essential to have this reflective period, where we can stay in a making process of flux: not needing all the answers, not necessarily getting everything into a neat package, but ensuring we stay very true to our ideas and responses to the museum collections, the people and the places we’ve got to know and which we still remain in conversation with.

At the moment we are working between each other’s studios: meeting up, assessing where we are, considering, changing and questioning where to take the work from this point. It has been a great one year residency, but for us it continues until January 2018. Please do put the 18th January in your diary and join us to experience our time in Tunbridge Wells.


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