Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery - Adult Education Centre a special space

Adult Education Centre a special space

Adult Education Centre a special space

Thursday 29 December 16

We were very fortunate as Artists in Residence to be able to book a drawing room on the top floor of the Adult Education Centre. This room, largely unaltered since it was purpose built as a Technical Institute between 1900-1902, with large north facing windows, was where we spent time working on the renaming of the ‘Hub’.

It was also a timely place to work, as it is a space in which we could work on another aspect of our residency: making new work collaboratively, which will result in an exhibition at the gallery at the end of our residency.

A collection of wool

Having space is always important, it’s a place to lay out ideas, explore possibilities and to give those ideas space to breathe and to be reflected on.

We have been collecting and making objects that respond to the collection.

These needed to be examined and re-configured. This was a highly stimulating day and we left with new thoughts and ideas to develop.

We must thank the Adult Education Centre for their generosity in sharing this space with us and we hope to be able to do this more with you.


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